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The Door is Open Counseling Center features a team of experienced clinicians and interns who offer a wide range of expertise to meet your behavioral and emotional needs and goals. We are trained in guiding individuals, couples, and families toward their personal and collective goals of living happier, healthier, more meaningful or well-adjusted lives. It is our commitment to help you achieve the improved self-esteem and confidence, or the harmony and inner peace that comes from self-awareness and self control. Since we are, each one of us, responsible for our own best behavior, let us assist you in becoming your best self, setting the most effective boundaries for you, living in the present, and thriving.

We offer outpatient counseling for men, women, children, families, and couples, a trauma informed Intensive Outpatient Program for Women called A Safe for Women to Heal, CBHI-In-Home Services, and behavioral health programs like Anger Management, Stress Management, Parenting Apart Program, Medication Management, DBT Skills Building and Integrative Services such as hypnosis, EMDR, yoga, reiki and Jungian Intuitive Counseling.

Applaud yourself for taking the step through the doorway to researching the range of possibilities for help or guidance that may be open to you, your spouse, children, and family.




The Door is Open Counseling Center was begun by Joyce Dolberg Rowe, a Licensed Mental Health Counselor who had at that time been in private practice for 30+ years, and her daughter, Sabbath Clarke Dolberg, a woman with vast business experience. Reaching a point in life where leaving a strong legacy, mentoring others, and continuing to provide excellent and comprehensive behavioral health services to the communities of the south shore, Ms Dolberg Rowe enlisted her daughter’s assistance in opening the doors of our agency.


Because Joyce has consistently taken a holistic and behavioral approach to lifestyle medicine both professionally and personally, the founding of The Door is Open (DIO) is a natural evolution and extension of the belief systems of a long standing expert in the field.


Living a balanced lifestyle, developing inner strength and resilience, receiving and sharing proper psycho-education, and learning to change the way that one thinks is part of a comprehensive program of healing mentally, physically, and emotionally. This is the heart of experience brought to the development of The Door is Open Counseling Center; the balance of counseling approaches, personal growth and wellness models, and healthy relationship systems to direct work with clients, team members, and to supervision of interns and trainees.








  • Need someone to talk to? We are here.

  • Need help with depression, anxiety, fears, or panic? We can help.

  • Need a mental health evaluation, medication evaluation or on-going prescriber support? We can help. 

  • Need someone to guide you on your path to weight loss and great health?  Help has arrived.

  • Wrestling with addictions/recovery? Our team of experts know what to do.

  • Have you suffered domestic violence, rape, trauma, or find yourself in a crisis? Our expertise is available.

  • Need relationship help? We are experts.

  • Need a hand to hold as you deal with grief and loss? We are very experienced.

  • Need to lift a sagging self-esteem? We know what to do.

  • Need someone to help you overcome anger and develop temper control? This can be done.

  • Need a life coach, or guidance in the workplace? We are here for you!

We look forward to walking beside you in your journey to achieving your goals.





"When you have the vision to imagine your potential,

and the strong desire to make change a reality,

your very next step is gathering the courage to walk

through the doorway and ask for help. We are here."


Joyce Dolberg Rowe LMHC, Clinical Director










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